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Guerlain have released a sumptuous coffret of four fragrances inspired by the Four Seasons of Vivaldi and composed by Jean-Paul Guerlain. Entitled Les Quatre Saisons, it includes three perfumes from the house catalog as well as a new creation dedicated to celebrating the passage from summer to fall.

The four seasons quartet as seen by Guerlain are: Muguet de Printemps, a lily-of-the-valley soliflore that is traditionally released yearly on the first of May, Quant Vient L'Eté (When Summer Comes), a luminous composition inspired by fields of yellow rape in the summer, Brume d'Automne (Fall Mist), the newest creation, and Winter Délice, once part of the Aqua Allegoria line and which centers on wintry impressions during the Holidays..........

Each fragrance is accompanied with a poem by Jean-Paul Guerlain.

Muguet de Printemps (Spring Lily-of-the-Valley)

Muguet is a beguiling floral scent that is hard to capture in all of its natural complexity. It cannot be stolen from the flower and therefore must be recomposed. This soliflore rests on notes of bergamot, lily of the valley blended with lilac, rose, and jasmine.  

Quant Vient L'Eté (When Summer Comes)

This rendering of summer starts with the interpretation of a cool morning progressing into the day and "Then the sun takes possession of the fragrance." The composition opens on notes of mint, citrus, roses. The heart is rich with the summer blooms of ylang-ylang and jasmine, and some white lily. The base warms up further with notes of vanilla, carnation, iris, and straw.

There is a connection with Terracotta Voile d'Eté, but it is not clear how much.  

Brume d'Automne (Fall Mist)

Brume d'Automne was inspired by the love of the perfumer for a mysterious woman. The scent captures the emotions of the composer as well as the atmosphere pertaining to nature while journeying to Piascassier, "a small hilltop village near Grasse, in the south of France." 

The perfume is described as being both a soft and sensual perfume and an aromatic-floral-woody scent. It opens on aromatic notes of pink peppercorn, coriander, and rosemary before gliding into a sumptuous floral bouquet of ylang-ylang, absinthe, Bulgarian rose, and patchouli. The base deepens with soft woody notes of sandalwood and vetiver rhizomes.

Winter Délice

The scent evokes the atmosphere around Christmas, "taking you on an olfactory sleigh-ride through a winter wonderland."  Notes are armoise, Norwegian pine, labdanum rock rose,  gingerbread, tonka bean, Somalian incense.

"Combining the magic of something fleeting with the mystery of creation, Les 4 Saisons will be available as a limited edition from 28th April, 2008, at Guerlain’s Rive Droite (68 avenue des Champs-Elysées) and Rive Gauche (29 rue de Sèvres) stores in Paris, and at Guerlain outlets around the world (Neiman Marcus, San Francisco, Bergdorf Goodman, New York, TSUM in Moscow and Tokyo)."

(Via Guerlain press release)


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