Jean Nouvel Recipient of the Pritzker Architecture Prize {Fragrance News}



French architect Jean Nouvel is the 2008 laureate of the prestigious Pritzker Architecture Prize. We wanted to go back to this news as we read somewhere that the bottle he designed for the limited edition of L'Homme this year, a transparent glass test-tube on a black base, which seemed classically phallic for a perfume bottle for men albeit done in an avant-garde and frank style had this floating device in it to evoke nostalgic memories of going fishing when a child......


They got us at that. This detail is simply ravishing. It turns a device that looks like a playful measuring tool of the level of perfume in the bottle into something much more evocative. So in fact this mimics a fish-float and is inspired by childhood fishing parties. The float bears the so-called "Cassandre logo" of Yves Saint Laurent, putting the brand's signature on a very original and dynamic support. How cool is that?

The cologne has its own personal micro-site here

The limited edition bottle is priced at $ 126. See here for another pic. 

Via Yves Saint Laurent communication. 

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