Keith Richards for Louis Vuitton: Wrinkles That Fly {Look of the Day - Beauty Notes}

Latest Vuitton advert shot by photographer Annie Leibowitz


In this day and age permeated with youth-oriented ideology it is so striking to see someone sporting their deep wrinkles proudly, even if a man, that Louis Vuitton decided to ask rocker Keith Richards to help them catch readers' and gawkers' attention in their new advert for their luxurious luggage line. It worked. Leafing through Vanity Fair, we had to take a pause and appreciate the Grand-Canyon style wrinkles, thinking that apart from Mother Theresa and an old peasant woman, it probably would not be considered as photogenic or charismatic with a feminine model......

Antoine Arnault who is at the helm of Louis Vuitton Communication explained,

'We thought it was important to continue with someone unexpected. I think when people are flipping through a magazine, this will stop them. The good thing about Keith is, he's big just about everywhere. He speaks to the 20-year-old who's into rock 'n' roll and the 65-year-olds who went to (a Rolling Stones) concert when they were 20.'

Those wrinkles seem ageless, eternal, and that is what makes them so iconic. One can't help but think that this look is so much more interesting and natural than some extreme cases of plastic surgery where the face looks lifeless. Just apply a little Kohl and voilà! Kidding of course, you have to be Keith Richards or someone with the right personality to pull if off or rather to not care about pulling it off.

Wrinkly makeup à-la-Keith-Richards would be interesting to watch on runways since they seem to try everything, even the death-by-drowning look.

Quote via Marie-Claire UK 

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  1. Interesting choice! I seem to recall the one with Gorbachev in the limo, previously in the Vuitton series.
    Only comment is: there is nowhere to be seen a Vuitton product in the above photo (at least per my eyes), contrary to the one in the limo where a trunk was visible at the right hand corner.
    They must have relied wholly on the subject to bypass the product altogether.

  2. Perhaps someone at Louis Vuitton recalled the 1976 Bill King photo of Lillian Hellman, for the Blackglama "What becomes a legend most" series.

    Carole McIntyre
    • Oh, yes, excellent insight. I just took a look and I see the parallel! Thanks!

      Chant Wagner

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