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Okay, as I told you last time when looking at the Chanel Les Noirs Obscurs, I am very much interested in exploring - even if only through empirical observation - the really black vampy look that has been the new daring shade to sport. Daring is just fine, provided it does not transform you into a makeup victim. I am convinced it looks spectacular on a magazine spread and am still waiting for my first sighting of a normal person on the street done up in black pigments, on the lips. If it's someone with an obvious Gothic membership card, then I will be half-convinced. I really am hoping to see someone, say a fashionista, make it blend with her scarf (by the way I lately saw two extraordinary beings dressed like fashion extremists or drag queens, the second one wafted a divine sillage of Angel by Thierry Mugler, the best I've smelled so far.) But no black lips.

Onto the news. It's about Kim Kardashian's Stars-of-the-Silent-Era, Louise-Brooks inspired makeover by makeup artist Troy Jensen. I was interested in particular to learn how he did her black lips since the brand he exclusively used is Dior and they do not have a black lipstick out that I could remember...

Troy Jensen explains the whole process on his blog, from which I am excerpting this passage,


"1. Start with even complexion. first cover brows with a stick or cream concealer, and use a Matte liquid foundation to even out complexion. A touch of highlighter at the top of the cheek bones, down the center of the nose, above the bow of the lips, and set with a loose powder. Med to Dark skin tones, think Dolores Del Rio and Josephine Baker, and keep your natural complexion with the black eyes and lips.

2. Dust a matte bronzer to create defined cheek bones. keep the blush soft and neutral.

3. Line the entire eyes first with black eye pencil, the use a black cream eye liner of cream eye shadow to create your smokey dramatic eye soften the shape with a mix of gray,black and taupe powder eye shadows.

4. Curl and coat lashes with black mascara.

And the answer to my question about the lips:

5. Apply a clear lip balm to moisturize lips, then line lips with a black pencil and blend with a lip brush. then set with a black,plum,or navy blue powder eyeshadow."

It looks like he used Dior Colour Powder Mono Eye-Shadow 275 in Metallic (Royal) Blue.


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  1. Kim Kardashian is one of the most beautiful women in the world. Seriously. She is so damn beautiful and I love her style. I do not know how anyone can hate this woman!

    Bobette Brozowski
    • Bobette,

      She seems to be extremely popular!

      Chant Wagner
  2. Photoshop RULES :p

    • Yes, most pictures ought to be published with the mention "synthetic image" If you are a perfume person if becomes all the more relevant as you pay attention to synthetic vs. natural sensations in perfume.

      Chant Wagner

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