How to Tame Men with Vanilla According to Sex & the City Author's New Web Series for Maybelline {Perfume Images & Movies}

Candace Bushnell, the author of Sex and the City, has a new web series called The Broadroom created in partnership with Maybelline New York. In episode 2 entitled The Sweet Smell of Success, the scent of vanilla is featured as the key to dealing with difficult men.

"In this episode, starring Jennie Garth and Jennifer Esposito, the girls let us in on a few 'other' uses for vanilla fragrance."

You can watch the episode here: The Broadroom

In case the trick does not work for you, you can try pumpkin and lavender, which has been shown in one study, if not necessarily to make men nicer, to make them more excited.

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  1. This is so true!! I used to wear straight vanilla oil back in the day and the men would follow me around like puppies. Then I thought maybe they like it because they can recognize it and tell you what you're wearing! But seriously, what is the best pure vanilla scent on the market? I would love to know what you think...

    • I was precisely thinking of doing a practical-suggestion post on just that after reading this press release!

      I would like to test Havana Vanille before answering this question as it might change my take on a list. I've had it for a while but have not found the mental space to focus on it as I wanted to compare it with others.

      There are different types of vanillas. Even in a less-than-20-item list I would have to divide them between the dark and white vanillas for example.

      What was the brand you used, if I may ask?

      Chant Wagner
  2. I used the body shop's vanilla before it was re-formulated. It was a very sweet and true vanilla with amazing sillage. And to this day, I haven't found anything like it. Can you tell I'm a little bitter about it being gone? Since then I have tried everything from L'Artisan to Ligne St. Barth, I Profumi di Firenze VdM, to Jalaine's vanilla. But to no avail. I want silliage and I want pure vanilla yumminess. I love vanilla in all forms. I crave it and it always puts me in a sexy good mood more than comforts me. Now I am excited about your Havana Vanille review, I can't believe you have it and haven't written about it!! And I want to try Lush's Vanillary but am still looking for that great vanilla oil that's got to be somewhere out there!!

    • Me too, I can't believe myself! I was going to move on to the new Frapin, L'Humaniste...OK, how about sometime this week?

      I lately tried Dalimania which I realized is yet another under-reported perfume and a big, dark, sticky vanilla.

      You must have tried the Kiehl's oil?

      Maybe someone who is on a similar quest might want to pitch in?

      Chant Wagner

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