Paris Hilton Can Can Launched in London {Fragrance News}




Can Can by Paris Hilton is now pursuing its career in London, UK. In pure celebrity-fragrance style, the celebrity is a key element of the composition (especially in this case). Paris works the crowd and touts her latest scent incarnation with a little help from her mother Kathy Hilton, her boyfriend Benji Madden and a hat. A celeb in a conversation-piece hat, this is probably what Can Can needs to smell its best, thanks to glamorous diverting thought-associations that make you forget it never meant to be a Guerlain......


May 15, 2008: Paris Hilton arrives triumphantly at Selfridges in London. The cameraman has a bottle of Can Can at the ready for the photo call. 


But first, a few autographs

 Let's make this photo op one to remember
Paris and mother Kathy Hilton, who also launched a signature perfume last year - they both know you need to ooze charm and tenderize buyers' hearts to sell these things. Let's learn from Kathy Hilton skillful puppy eyes' technique.

Great hat - honestly, it takes more creative risk than the perfume itself. We don't know what she would do without that hat as statement about her inner sense of style.


 But back to the topic at hand - Paris Hilton in front of her photoshopped-younger-sister-like reflection in the perfume ad. Be a doll and buy my perfume.


How can I describe it? It's a perfume that makes you go "Whah!" certainly and never "Bleh!", at least in my experience.
And then it makes you feel really, really happy as it dries down -- Nirvana in a bottle. It additionally also gives you the requisite bedroom eyes needed to date fast and furiously. And that's a Paris Hilton promise.
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