Perfumers' Gardens {The 5th Sense in the News}

A corner in Serge Lutens' garden in Marrakech 


The Guerlains, Edmond Roudnitska are famous for having drawn constant inspiration from private gardens they cultivated and spent time in daily. To follow the development of the scents of flowers at different times of the day and over the days of a season is simply fascinating as this permits to better grasp the complexity of their ever-evolving olfactory personalities. The Telegraph offers readers the possibility to step into these universes by catching glimpses of the gardens of several perfumers including Serge Lutens, Antonia Bellanca, Roudnitska and more.....


"I am walking behind Serge Lutens, the creative director of Christian Dior in the 1960s and 1970s, and perfumer to Shiseido since the 1980s, as he shows me around his garden in Marrakech. Immaculately clad, despite the 30°C Moroccan heat, in a tailored black suit, Lutens, 66, occasionally darts off the path into the dappled greenery, emerging minutes later with a flower or seeds for me to smell. 'This garden has a personality that doesn't want to expose itself,' he says in his thoughtful, poetic manner. 'Except for the palm trees, everything else grows in the shade. The garden and I are similar. I wouldn't like to be too public and this is not a public garden. Every time I walk around here I discover something I don't know, because the garden grows itself.'"

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