Vintage 55 Aroma Therapy T-Shirts {Fragrant Shopping}


Italian brand Vintage 55 has introduced a special edition Aroma Therapy collection of scented T-shirts. These are packaged in glass jars with an aromatic sachet in them that enables the tees to refresh their scents after each washing although the textiles have also been specially dyed with a natural aromatic dye.......


The brand describes the experience as a multisensory one involving color, touch, and perfume. Scents are rose, jasmine, lime, Hawaiian hibiscus.... 

It is not completely clear how this concept is radically different from the good old fashioned way of spraying scent onto your clothes. It is one way to avoid the problem of wearing perfumes with alcohol at the beach but then non-alcohol based perfumes are available too.

Storing tees in Mason jars maybe is something new after all if you want to keep any scent on textile longer. Not that practical when you travel though.

Gimmicky or edgy? 

via Vintage 55 and Le Vif 


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  1. gimmicky!! what happens when the scent of your detergent mixes with the scent of the scented t? i'm thinking that might go badly.....

    the glamourista
  2. Good point -- it might turn into a battle of the scents...

    On the other hand, if you really like the scent of your fabric softener, just put a sheet with your favorite tee and close your Mason jar tight ! Et voilà!


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