Bulgari Jasmin Noir (2008) {New Fragrance}



Bulgari has decided to lend a more sophisticated touch to its jasmine perfume with a variation called Jasmin Noir (Black Jasmine). Created by Carlos Benaïm and Sophie Labbé, it aims to satisfy the consumer in search of rarer sensations.

The scent is described as a woody floral, confirming once more that this category is the new in thing for mainstream women's fragrances (cf. Sensuous, Magnifique, and others)....

Benaïm said the jasmine reminded him of his youth in Tangier, Morocco and that he was interested in pairing it with with "darker woods."

"The fragrance opens with notes of green sap and gardenia. The heart of the scent includes sambac jasmine absolute and satin almond notes, while its base includes precious woods, tonka bean absolute and licorice."

Its customer base is seen as being 25 to 45 year olds. The ad is fronted by Kate Moss.

Jasmin Noir launches at Nordstrom on August 1, 2008. A 100 ml bottle is priced at $140 and a 50 ml one at $95.

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  1. it really bothers me that fragrance houses tell us the customer base as being 25-45 yr old , as a 54 yr old and absolutely head over heels with fragrances since i was 16 i question as to why they have to have an age specified for the customer base. all ages enjoy fragrances and i must say that my daughter-in-law enjoys many more of the older classics than i do , iprefer trying many different fragrances and currently have over 45 .

  2. I think that you should just not pay attention to what marketers say regarding age. It is a pointer for them and I am sure that they could only be delighted to see more people adopt one of their perfumes, irrespective of their ages.


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