Misusing The Chanel Name: a Reminder Ad {Fragrance News}



We thought that this advertising from Chanel this week in WWD regarding their trademark qualms was interesting enough to warrant a post. Especially since we ourselves used "Oscarized" recently and could be tempted to use "Chanel-like", if not already done;....

the latter is not listed in their list of unacceptable uses of the Chanel name but probably should be. It looks like what they want is that CHANEL retains its visual and conceptual purity and impact and not be "bastardized". So, no anointing by popular culture for Chanel even if meant in good faith.

"And even if we are flattered by such tributes to our fame as "Chanel-issime, Chanel-ed, Chanels and Chanel-ized", PLEASE DON'T. Our lawyers positively detest them.

We take our trademark seriously.



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