Mandarina Duck Scarlet Rain (2008) {New Perfume}



Trendy luggage brand Mandarina Duck has launched a new perfume aimed at satisfying the tastes of a more mature age group of women called Scarlet Rain. It was developed and produced by Idesa Parfums. The new scent also ties into the glamor trend as evidenced by perfumes like Lancôme Magnifique, Azzaro Couture, Kate Moss Velvet Hour, Ralph Lauren Notorious,

Scarlet Rain will appeal to “a more mature, more feminine, more glamorous woman who revels in fashion and luxury”.......


The fragrance was composed by perfumer Guillaume Flavigny.

It opens on top notes of redcurrant and blood orange; "the heart is an intense floral blend of the rare red orchid, rose and cyclamen." [...] The oriental base note is made up of amber, musk and the original and curative benzoin from Sumatra.

The red orchid note is presented as a first in perfumery.

Via The Moodie Report 

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