Boucheron B (2008) {New Fragrance}


From jeweler Boucheron comes a new fragrance to celebrate the 150th anniversary of their founding as well as the 20th anniversary of their first fragrance, Boucheron (1988).

The new perfume is simply called B, and despite its luxury-fragrance positioning was conceived in several ways like a niche fragrance with, reportedly, no undue concerns for price limitations and focus panels.

To add further to the blurring of neatly delineated categories - this time between natural and non-natural perfumery - B is said to contain about 20 natural ingredients...


Described as a woody floral, B was created by perfumer Ursula Wandel of Givaudan.


The jus features notes of "...cedar from the Atlas Mountains, Australian sandalwood, patchouli, osmanthus flowers, apricot and spices, plus orange blossom and rose absolutes."

The bottle is inspired by a line of Boucheron jewelry called Exquises Confidences (Exquisite Confidences) - the earrings in particular.

Per WWD,

"B is the most expensive fragrance in Boucheron's scent portfolio, according to Marc Rey, ceo of YSL Beauté U.S.A. In the U.S., the 50-ml. eau de parfum spray will cost $110; the 100-ml. edp spray, $155; the 2-liter edp splash, $4,000; the 15-ml. perfume spray, $250; the 200-ml. bath and shower gel, $50, and the 200-ml. body cream, $90."

Distribution will be more selective than usual.

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  1. the idea is beautiful, the packaging well thought over. allthough when you take the cap of the spray it doesn't look that great anymore.
    The scent is not that fantastic... pity.
    The price is far to high for a perfume that doesn't stay all that long. another miss in Boucheron;


  2. Incredible like always! Boucheron has always been too ahead of its time.Even when Tom Ford was destroying the packaging. By now we are missing "Trouble" and thinking "Initial"..Miss Boucheron was taken too soon of some stores and ebay is making business. This is Prestige Like Always! The best! Thank you.

  3. i AGREE THAT Boucheron is ahead of its time. I work at athe Perfume Counter at Saks Fith Avenue NY for 12 years. Boucheron for my taste is the most prestige house. They don't save on their bottles. Like in "Initial" they made one of the most expensive bottles ever made to be sale on a large volume. Every Boucheron fragance has been understood once they are coming out of the counter (even the classic Boucheron) When "Trouble" came out Tom Ford wasn't so big and Trouble was his masterpiece. Please try to spray Trouble today and enjoy they sexy oriental base note.Miss Boucheron was taken away from some retail stores and the Ebay business cant stop selling it. It is a very exquisite fragrance for a 30-45 years old woman. Every day I have sell more of it. And the fanstastic thing is that "B" is a GEORGEOUS SEMI NATURAL OIL Fragrance this is like the Fenix, the Dragon of this market


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