Karl Lagerfeld Kapsule: Vols. 1, 2, 3: Light, Floriental, Woody (2008) {New Fragrances}

Kapsule advert, photographed by Karl Lagerfeld himself.

Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld signs his first collaboration with Coty by launching a trio of perfumes titled Kapsule inspired by the fashion concept of the "capsule wardrobe" whereby all items have been carefully selected and the wardrobe downsized to allow for maximum mix-and-match play between the different pieces of clothing. Likewise, Light, Floriental and Woody are the 3 volumes in this mini library of scents that were created to be mixed and matched or worn alone. For Lagerfeld, the two worlds are indissociable,

"I love the world of perfumes," Lagerfeld said Thursday. "For me, the world of fashion doesn't exist without it."...
The designer's favorite smells are: fresh bread, vanilla, woods and spices. "I don't like heavy, flowery things," he continued. "I think there are never enough fragrances -- they are so much fun to play with."

The scents are reported be neither too masculine nor feminine. They were purposefully developed also to be qualitative yet affordable: the first size at 30 ml is priced at 37 Euros or $59 (European price), a double-requirement that leader Coty can deliver in principle.

Light was composed by Max Buxton of Symrise and has notes of bitter orange, jasmine, nutmeg, clove and musk.

Floriental was created by Emilie Coppermann also of Symrise, with notes of ivy leaf, violet and black tea leaf notes.

Woody is the child of Olivier Cresp and includes notes of cedar, moss, and plum.

The bottles are meant to evoke books and were designed with Luz Herrmann.

The Kapsule trio will debut in October in France at Colette and Marionnaud, then in Germany, travel retail, the US in November, exclusively at Neiman Marcus for the latter. Australia will discover it in the spring and China no later than September 2009.


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