More on John Galliano Signature Perfume (2008) {New Fragrance}

John-Galliano-Outer-Packaging.jpgAs reported yesterday, John Galliano presented his signature fragrance for the first time at a launch party in Paris on July 8th. Now we learn that Galliano,

"...let his romantic vision run full throttle with the fragrance project, from scattering love letters throughout the room of its launch event to the multilayered references that figure in the final product. There's the artist Baldini; Galliano's frothy, bias-cut dresses; the powdery backstage at his fashion shows, and his childhood memories of freshly ironed shirts, to name a few."

The new John Galliano perfume is reported to be built on an overdose of aldehydes to convey the sensation of "freshly ironed shirts" followed by floral notes that are dear to the heart of the designer...

"John spoke of flowers, particularly of rose, peony, iris with its powdery side, violet and of transparence," continued Brigitte Wormser, vice president creation at Selective Beauty's luxury division..."

The fragrance composition is by perfumer Christine Nagel.

The bottle design by Joël Desgrippes holds a reference in its neck section to Galliano's first fashion collection and a historical period of sartorial elegance, Les Incroyables, more particularly, the details of the collars.

John Galliano debuts exclusively at Harrods at the end of September 2008 and in Germany. It will launch on Oct 11 in France exclusively at Sephora and a few days later in Switzerland.

"The line includes a 90-ml. eau de parfum spray for 100 euros, or $158; a 60-ml. edp spray for 80 euros, or $126, and a 40-ml. edp spray for 60 euros, or $95."


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