Regular Burning of Incense May Cause Cancer {The 5th Sense in the News}

Incense-Smoke-TSS.jpgA warning was issued by the Ministry of Environmental Health in Bahrain regarding excessive consumption of incense, Middle-Eastern style (on burning coal),

"A WARNING went out yesterday that one of the most ancient traditions, which is still being practised in almost every Bahraini home, may cause cancer. Smoke from Bakhoor (incense) can be a health hazard if it is inhaled continuously and excessively, according to health officials.

"The burning process of Bakhoor, with the use of coal or other means, releases carbon substances that are harmful when inhaled," said a Health Ministry's Environmental Health spokesman.

"Particles 2.5 microns in size are released in the process, but nose hairs can only prevent 10 micron or larger particles from being inhaled.

"Such small particles reach the lungs and continued excessive exposure may result in cancer."

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