eBay Validated by Belgian Court {Fragrance News}

eBay has had to fight several luxury brands and groups lately (Hermès, LVMH, Tiffany, l'Oréal) who accuse the auction site of enabling illegal practices and of de facto allowing the sales of counterfeit products. The biggest blow has come from a French court so far as, not surprisingly, France is known for being extremely protective of one of its leading economic sectors, luxury, and has a history of tough laws on counterfeits (see previous posts)...
Now in the case of eBay vs. l'Oréal, a Belgian court, the commercial court of Brussels, has decided that eBay could not be held in principle responsible for the sale of counterfeit perfume bottles on its site. They recognize eBay's right not to have to systematically surveillance everything that is going on, on their site and also recognize the fact that the auction site had diligently responded to letters from l'Oréal and withdrawn the incriminated bottles.

Belgium is the first country out of five Europeans ones in which eBay is being tried by l'Oréal, the world leader of cosmetics. L'Oréal expressed their "extreme surprise", pointing to the fact that the judgment contradicted the guideline issued by the European Commission and announced that they intended to appeal the judgment.

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