The War around the Uncensored Calvin Klein Secret Obsession Video Continues on You Tube {Fragrance News}

The controversial Secret Obsession video: as you can see, it's all left up to your imagination (credit: You Tube)

In a gesture more symbolic than anything else, You Tube has decided to ban the controversial Eva Mendes video for Secret Obsession by Calvin Klein (see previous post) and thus unexpectedly chosen to follow the moral-majority lead of mainstream TV networks.

But wait, this is what the Daily Dish - SF Gate reported about a few days ago and now the video is back on another page of You Tube or this is another copy that was left alone by community censors! God bless the human diversity of opinions; there is in fact a little war of the Secret Obsession ad going on! Someone pulls it out, someone else loads it up!

Just be ready with your own video of Secret Obsession in case ammunitions start lacking...
On one page of You Tube you find the mention "This video or group may contain content that is inappropriate for some users, as flagged by YouTube's user community," on another, you can still watch the infamous commercial, where nothing happens really, playing its slow obsessive musical tempo. I re-watched it and I have to say that I am scratching my head as to what is deemed inappropriate about it. It seems to be a case of the censors having dirtier thoughts than the object censored, honestly. In fact, I had to run it several times before I realized that Mendes holding her breasts and revealing some nipple might be the problem, together with the suggestion of an extra-terrestrial luminous being making love might be too much to bear for the censors.

At any rate, in case You Tube decides to go all prim-and-proper on internet viewers, remember, you are just a click away from the uncensored video on the dedicated Secret Obsession micro-site, which has decided to let it run while the league of virtue lets them.

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