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My apologies, I have been so busy off line that I neglected to follow up on the news of my new monthly column which is now featured on!

Dear Readers,

From now on, each month I will be choosing for three stand-out scents that I think are the best of the crop, usually for one element or two that they achieve to an exceptional degree...
Last month, I was struck by the originality and beauty of Un Jardin Après La Mousson, the quality and naturalness of the rose in Un Zéphir de Rose and the opulence and intoxicating character of Oriental Flowers.

All three are very different yet all three are outstanding. My selection will generally present comparable traits, be them a particular note, atmosphere, style or theme. The fragrances might be vintage ones, a few years old or new ones. The selection will be accompanied by short reviews.

Regular readers of The Scented Salamander will remember that two of the three perfumes I selected among the new releases for July 2008 were reviewed more at length on the blog.

Un Jardin Après La Mousson

Un Zéphir de Rose

The third one, Oriental Flowers by Montale, awaits a more developed review which I plan to contribute to the blog later on, together with an excursus on Montale perfumes, a brand I find to be a puzzle for me.

For now, please read more in Three Stunners for Midsummer: Top 3 Perfume Picks for July 2008. on

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