Kate Moss Velvet Hour (2008) {New Fragrance} {Celebrity Perfume}

Kate-Moss-Velvet-Hour-Bottle copy.jpgAs previously announced (see sumptuous ad), iconic super model Kate Moss is preparing to introduce her second namesake perfume following Kate, this time named Velvet Hour.

Since we know that Guerlain l'Heure Bleue is one of two of her favorite perfumes, with Bluebell by Penhaligon's, it is very tempting to think that Velvet Hour is a poetic translation of the first one. We are in fact encouraged to do so by the description of the atmosphere that the scent conveys, if not by the literal notes themselves.

The press release invites us to imagine that the new scent might be a reinterpretation of a sensation linked with the Guerlain fragrance famously known to, itself, translate this time of the day suspended between day and night,

"With her new fragrance, Kate invites you to be part of her 'Velvet Hour', a brief, precious moment as dusk settles, when the air is electrified with possibility.  It is all about entering an intimate, almost ritualistic moment of intense sensuality and seduction as she describes it herself: "this scent conjures up that special moment when night time comes and envelops you in velvet.  I really love that time, it's very sexy and sensuous, full of longing and promise."  ...
Velvet Hour was composed by perfumer Emilie Copperman of Symrise. The perfume is described as being an "enigmatic woody floral" and features an intriguing bluish facet based on a blue-pepper accord. Blue is obviously a favorite scent-color for Kate as mentioned above. The woody-floral personality of the perfume is very much in tune with the Zeitgeist as there is a movement of reconquista of woods in fine feminine fragrance. Woods already existed in women's perfumes before but it seems that this is a new generation or new wave of compositions positioning themselves as such while offering a little commentary on olfaction and gender at the same time: "feminist woods"? The incense note is also worth pondering about as a few interesting perfumes will feature this note this fall.

The fragrance opens on notes of blue pepper, freesia and Cashmere incense then segues into notes of patchouli and nutmeg and lingers on with notes of sandalwood, amber, and ebony wood.

The packaging was designed by Lutz Hermann.

Expect to discover the perfume in the US from September 2008.

Via Kate Moss press release

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  1. Wow, looks nice... would like to have this in my collection.

  2. great perfume, got it for my daughter,
    does anybody know what the music is in the advert,would love to know......thanks

    • Well, according to the comments on You Tube, it is inspired by Venus in Fur interpreted by The Velvet Underground, but people are not 100% positive about it. Although it can sound like a knock-off of it, it definitely does not have the same intensity.

      Venus in Fur is such a great piece of music.

      I'll post both and you can judge.

      Chant Wagner

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