Tees That Go with Upcoming Sean Combs I Am King Fragrance! {Fragrant Shopping}

I-Am-King-Tee.jpgI just realized that the word was out already and that prior to perfuming yourselves with the upcoming I Am King by Sean Combs/Sean John, you can start wearing the tees that go with the scent!

Two models are available under one of Sean John's apparel labels and there is no doubting the consistency of Sean John/Combs's message. On one tee-shirt you can proclaim simply, "I Am King", on the other, a slightly more confusing motto: "Many Crowns, 1 King". At any rate, you get the meaning, it's all about self-affirmation.

The tees will probably smell great sprayed on with the new perfume and will make it last longer, think about it!

Now at Dillard's for $22,50 and $25,50, respectively.


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