Hermès Kelly Calèche Re-looked & Re-formulated (2008) {New Perfume}

This month Hermès has introduced a new concentration and re-composed version of Kelly Calèche, launched in 2007. It now comes in pure-parfum concentration and is housed in a Kelly-bag lock made of steel.

One has to note the transparency with which the news was conveyed. Hermès is not just saying that it is a more concentrated version, but that it was re-worked by perfumer Jean Claude Ellena to become "more sensual"... 
This floral leather here sees notes of rose mingling with jasmine, mimosa, tuberose, iris, while benzoin highlights the leather accord.

The flacon-lock which contains 7,5 ml of extrait has a spray and releases a nozzle when the lock is pulled open.

The purse spray is refillable and is priced at 140 Euros. The refill retails at 76 Euros.

Via Madame Figaro, Elle.fr

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  1. the bottle is stunning!
    however -i'm French- you mistranslated the French text: it just explains that -as always at Hermès and often for others- this pure perfume is not only a matter of concentration of the eau de toilette but that the perfumer interprets it to make it fit with a perfume concentration.

    Corinne France
  2. Hi,

    Thanks for your comment. I disagree, they are not as specific as you say they are and what you say is an interpretation. They just say that the new concentration has been re-thought in a slightly different fashion and to make it more sensual. Maybe my use of the word "reformulation" is a bit strong because it might connote as if there had been a problem.

    It is more common to assume that the parfum is more concentrated and that it is the same but deeper, say. In this case what struck me is that all the copies stress the addition of new materials and the will to make it be a bit different. This is not stressed usually.

    "Et, pour l’occasion, Jean-Claude Ellena a revu sa partition olfactive et augmenté la part de sensualité de ce cuir floral."


    "Ni tout à fait le même, ni tout à fait un autre. Un an après son lancement, Jean-Claude Ellena, le nez de la maison Hermès, réinvente le sillage du parfum Kelly Calèche. Ce cuir floral nous dévoile une nouvelle facette, plus sensuelle."

    Apparently, Ellena added jasmine and benzoin.

    And by the way, I am French too!


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