The Guerlain Man: Jungle Man in Paris {Scented Paths & Fragrant Addresses}

Guerlain-Jungle.jpgDuring four days, Paris is hosting a full-scale open-air jungle promotional event organized by perfume house Guerlain in two very different areas of the capital city to celebrate the launch of their new Guerlain Homme.

 If advertising for the cologne has been quite present so far in department stores and Guerlain boutiques decorated with rainforest walls and rolling counters complete with a cascading green floral arrangement suggesting a corner of the Amazonian forest, artificial icecubes in a bold square glass, silvery Mojito shaker, didactic pictures of ingredients, blotters, and the fragrance itself, all this posted at strategic corners, it is now exceptionally lavish.

By going to both the modernist setting of the Esplanade de la Défense (11-12 September 2008) and to the more classical one of Opéra Garnier (12-13 September), Guerlain seem to be positioning themselves to say that in the 21st century they are at ease both with modernity and tradition, civilization and wildness...
The new fragrance, based in part on a Mojito accord, will be sprayed in the air of the reconstituted jungle. Alcohol-free Mojitos will be distributed gratis to passers-by. The commercial by Jean-Paul Goulde will be shown together with its making-of.

It promises to be interesting to watch and experience this happening. Perfume presentation is in dire need of more glamor and special effects today as prestige launches seem to be churned out in mass quantities due to the crowding of fragrance shelves in general. It is an opportunity to test the magic factor of perfume by paying attention to just one perfume at a time, showcased with a spectacular style.

Via Madame Figaro

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  1. perhaps enough alcohol will be spritzed to make up for the free versions sipped passing by

    Many launches have missed some much needed glamour.. smelling like mohito rum....perhaps less so


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