Jean-Paul Goude Loves... {What Perfume(s) Celebs Love To Wear}

Björk as seen by Jean-Paul Goude

Jean-Paul Goude reveals in the October issue of Votre Beauté what his signature perfume is, as well as what scent one day made his head turn around, leaving him with an unforgettable olfactory memory.

He confesses to having personally adopted for good the scent under the label of his friend Andrée Putman, Préparation Parfumée, composed by perfumer Olivia Giacobetti. He is also sensitive to the freshness and sensuality of the Mojito cologne, Homme by Guerlain, for which he recently directed the commercial featuring a masculine icon very close to the animal state. He adds that in doing so he was trying to avoid the images of the "city man" and "metrosexual"...
Finally he recounts that "the veritable olfactory shock of my life" was experienced while crossing paths with a beautiful stranger shopping at Bloomingdales. "I will never forget" he says, "It was the perfume Norman Norell, the famous American couturier, the US Balenciaga. It is an alcove-type feminine (fragrance), very sexual. I hope that it will be re-edited one day."

In the original French:

"J'avoue avoir définitivement adopté l'eau de parfum de mon amie Andrée Putman. Je suis également sensible au cocktail mojito de Guerlain Homme, pour sa fraîcheur et sensualité, mais le vrai choc olfactif de ma vie, je l'ai éprouvé en croisant une belle inconnue qui faisait son shopping chez Bloomongdales. Je n'oublierai jamais. Il s'agissait du parfum Norman Norell, le célèbre couturier américain, le Balenciaga US. C'est un féminin d'alcove (sic), très sexe. J'espère qu'il sera un jour réédité."

Norell is actually fairly easily available in the US.

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  1. Indeed it is readily available, much to my great happiness. I am waiting for the tide to turn on this...for the few years I have been following the fortunes of Norrell, there have been 1-2 articles a year on its quality and puzzling fall from grace and radar...

    ...meanwhile, I am glad to locate it at discount perfumers, closeout stores, and estate sales.


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