Kiehl's Forest Rain (2008) {New Perfume}

Kiehl's, a brand now owned by L'Oréal but which was originally an apothecary brand established in 1851 in New York City, have launched a new perfume called Forest Rain. They are famous among perfumistas in particular for their musk oil.

Interestingly, Forest Rain is presented as an unisex fragrance and by the look of it the notes make it tip quite a bit in the direction of an unisex with characteristic masculine overtones. I would be curious to know on what gradient of the gender scale I might place it once I smell it...
The scent is described as a fresh, spicy and woody scent. Featured notes are: citrus, muguet or lily of the valley, vetiver, and musk. (Their musk oil already has a pronounced lily of the valley overtone due to the subtle dosage of musk.)

The composition "was inspired by the extensive essence collection of the original "Kiehl Pharmacy," where 122 unique fragrant oils from the world over have been offered over the years."

A 50 ml bottle retails for $38.50

Via Kiehls Website

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