Plaisirs de Parfums: New Book (2008) {Fragrant Reading}

The Editions Paja will publish a new book on perfume in October-November 2008 authored by Béatrice Boissière under the artistic direction of Coco Tassel. It is entitled Plaisirs de Parfums (Pleasures of Perfumes) and proposes to retrace a world history of fragrances since the 19th century with attention devoted to the compositions of fragrances and anecdotes on the milieu of perfumers. Long-lost fragrances are also not forgotten...
The book includes four pages of detachable blotters. The publishing house describes it as a book-object (livre-objet) and as an olfactory saunter. It is priced at 15 Euros and will be available on November 10th in book stores but can also be got from October 24th from the online Paja boutique. Pre-orders are now taken.

Via Pour Elles

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  1. The detachable blotters are scented?
    Seems to be one more thing for my wish list.
    Thank you for shring this information with me.


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