Réminiscence Sol La, Si Do (2008): Rich Inspiration {New Perfumes} - The Queen's Perfume {Trend Alert}

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Fashion jewelry brand Réminiscence which reportedly were the first to introduce costume-jewelry collections following the rhythm of the fashion calendar for spring/summer and fall/winter shows, have released their two latest perfumes in the Notes Gourmandes collection.

 Sol La and Si Do come after Do Ré and Mi Fa introduced in the spring 2008. 

Like their predecessors, the new Eaux de Parfum are inspired by gustatory notes, music and Queen Marie-Antoinette.  The latter is fast becoming a major cultural icon in France.

The delightful charming pastel colors of the flacons seem to allude to the Versailles universe re-created by Sofia Coppola in her unconventional biopic about the late queen of France. And at this point I think that a post on all the scented products taking inspiration from Marie-Antoinette is warranted because there exists a cultural and fashion trend going beyond just yesterday's fad.

Another noticeable trend illustrated here is the one where perfumes are inspired more generally by queens (see

Like Do Ré and Mi Fa, Sol La and Si Do were co-created by Zoé Coste and Lilla Amaddeo working together with perfumer Jacques Flori of Robertet.

Sol La is described as "olfactory breeze, elegant, and of an exquisite freshness,"

The top notes or "allegro" sequence is fresh with notes of: lemon, bergamot, orange, bigarade, eucalyptus, lavandin, pine, rosemary. The heart or "andante" passage has notes of: ylang, petit grain from the lemon tree, pink pepper. Finally the "largo" passage prolongs itself with notes of: vanilla, pear fruitiness, and pachouli.

Si Do is woody, suave, precious, sensual.

It opens on notes of: orange, lemon, bergamot. The heart has notes of: ambrette, iris, carrot, cedar, clove, ylang. The base unfolds with: peach fruitiness, pear, vanillic and musky notes.

I cannot resist the pleasure of quoting this synesthetic sentence by Guy de Maupassant, which inspired the creators of the collection as well: "Je ne savais pas si je respirais de la musique ou si j'entendais des parfums" - "I did not know whether I was inhaling music or if I were listening to perfumes".

Each 100 ml spray bottle is priced at 90 Euros. The perfumes are available in the Réminiscence boutiques found in several international locations (see website).

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