Roja Dove The Esssence of Perfume: New Book {Fragrant Reading} {Shopping Tip}

The-Essence-of-Perfume.jpgFragrance expert Roja Dove has written his first book on the subject of his long-time passion, entitled The Essence of Perfume. While he is known for his lectures and frequent appearances in the media, as well as his temple of bon goût dedicated to the art of perfumery, the Haute Parfumerie at Harrods, he had not felt the need so far to write down his thoughts...
Together with editor Nadine Monem he has composed an opus which promises to be a reminder of what perfumery used to be and ought to be still today to some extent. It will also enable you to review your classics as the book appears to be interested in establishing a canon of perfumes that simply cannot be ignored by perfume lovers.

"Beginning with a comprehensive discussion of the sense of smell and the materials of the master perfumer, The Essence of Perfume goes on to celebrate the great classics, the makers who brought them to life and the designers who gave them shape. In an age where the methods and motivations of the original perfumers are all but forgotten, Roja Dove unfolds the gripping story of scent with all the passion and devotion of a true artist."

The book is published by Black Dog Publishing and slated for a gradual release in the UK, France, US this fall.

It is priced at £26, $44, and 65,55 Euros (Amazon prices).

If you cannot wait, you can order it now from the Haute Parfumerie by calling 020 7893 8797

The Essence of Perfume
288 pages
350 b/w and colour ills
30.0 x 21.0 cm
12.0 x 9.0 in
ISBN13: 978 1 906155 49 0

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