C-Thru Ruby, Purple Diamond, Blue Opal: Estee Lauder Cos.' New Mass-Market Line {New Perfumes}


Estee Lauder Cos. Aramis and Designer Fragrances will launch a new line of fragrances for young women from December 2008 titled C-Thru. It will be their first venture into the mass-market arena as the perfumes will be distributed through Wal-Mart first then Kohls,Target and other such mass retail outlets from January 2009.

The collection debuts with three fragrances named after gems, Ruby, Purple Diamond, Blue Opal and are priced to appeal to the budgets of budding consumers. They will be available in two sizes, 1-oz. and 2.5-oz. eau de toilette sprays, priced at $17 and $25...
About the spirit of C-Thru,

"The C-Thru collection is about empowerment," says Robin Mason, vice president of Global Marketing. "Our goal with this brand is to present young, fashion conscious women with a different way to express themselves. It's not about telling them where to fit in or conforming to a celebrity ideal" Mason adds, "but inviting them to discover more about who they are with our unique fragrances."
As is often the case, the idea of an initial trio of scents is justified here by the wish to touch a number of different types of women.

According to WWD,

"Ruby, concocted in partnership with International Flavors & Fragrances, is "for someone who's very passionate, confident and strong," she said. Its top notes are of melon, peach and bergamot; the heart is of rose, freesia and raspberry, and its drydown includes sandalwood.

Purple Diamond, a spicy oriental developed with Givaudan, is meant to represent "mysterious intrigue." It has top notes of plum and black currant, a heart of Indian night-blooming jasmine and a drydown of vanilla.

Blue Opal, concocted with Firmenich, "expresses spirituality and balance," and has top notes of watermelon and red berries, a heart of lilac and rose petal and a drydown of wet skin accord."

"Like Lauder's Mustang men's fragrance -- which launched in July 2007 in midtier department stores and later rolled out to mass retailers -- C-Thru is being produced in partnership with the Sarantis Group, which is based in Greece and is said to be one of the leading producers of mass market cosmetics and household products in that market. Aramis and Designer Fragrances is responsible for distributing and marketing the brand in North America, while Sarantis is producing the scents."

A dedicated website, cthrufragrances.com, will debut on Dec 1 2008. 

Via Fashion United, Women's Wear Daily

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  1. C-Thru a new line? They're selling this in Europe for at least two years now, maybe they were testing which ones would be most appealing... Ruby is fruity (grapefruit, raspberries) with vanilla, similar to Cacharel's Amor Amor. Purple Diamond is probably an offspring of Black Diamond (slightly gourmandy, smooth vanilla with fruits). Blue Opal is new. Not bad, but certainly low budget.

    • Ha, interesting. The launch of C-Thru in the US is also seen as a test, a "baby step" taken by Estée Lauder companies towards entering the more lucrative business of mass-marketing.

      Thank you also for the scent descriptions, it gives us an idea of what to expect.

      In what venues did you see the line sold in Europe?

      Chant Wagner
  2. Mass retail - supermarkets, drugstores and such. Prices are the same. Teens love them, especially the Aquamarine (waterlily flowery nothing) and Black Diamond.

    • Thank you. I haven't seen them in France but that would probably be because I haven't trekked to places like Carrefour or Auchan...

      Chant Wagner
  3. This is not a new product. Maybe Estee Lauder bought the rights, but I first saw this perfume in Romania in 2001! And it has been my favorite perfume since. But with promises of being in the states this month, when can I buy it here??!

    Roisin Druta
  4. They are original from Greece, Sarantis line of cosmetics, along with B.U., STR8 and Carroten. They are all great! It would be great if the other ones would become available as well.

  5. Putting the samples in Seventeen magazine was a really smart move on their part! way to get the word out! i just bought 2 bottles, i strongly urge you to get this!! http://www.c-thrufragrances.com/

    kelly eaton
  6. I want more blue opal c thru, I live in northern indiana so where can I get it at??!! It is no longer at Walmart here, now what?!!

  7. C-thru ruby the best parfume ever ...bessa from Kosovo.

  8. I was just browsing around Wal-Mart Thursday an i saw this beautiful bottle is was different from any other and it was cheap I mean dirt cheap can we say $4.50 so i purchased it. I love how it's design but the scent was magnificent. Ruby is so me strong, beautiful ...I recommend if you see it try it out it had my better half wondering what that new scent was.


    • Lovely! Enjoy your new perfume! I haven't tried it but will hopefully check it out at some point.

      Chant Wagner

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