Thieves Love Frederic Malle Perfumes {Fragrance News}

Thieves.jpgThe Islington Gazette reports that a truck carrying a load of Frederic Malle Editions de Parfums fragrances was robbed. 227 bottles vanished including a contingent of the new Dans Tes Bras. I wonder how the robbers could resell those without being noticed given the selective distribution network of the brand?

"A DELIVERY driver was held at knifepoint while robbers stole eight boxes of rare perfume worth more than £7,000 from the back of his lorry."

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  1. Expect to see lots of Dans Tes Bras on *bay soon.

    • I think that's the first place they wouldn't sell them because it is probably one of the first venues the police can check and very easily at that.

      Chant Wagner

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