Humiecki & Graef Askew, Geste, Multiple Rouge, Eau Radieuse (2008) {New Fragrances}

Exciting news! Following Humiecki & Graef's interesting debut scent in 2007, Skarb (see review Part I, Part II and Tangent on Daniel Craig, Skarb & Jewish Escapees in Forests), the ambitious, arty and experimental perfume brand has launched no less than four new fragrances all at once this year. They are Askew, Geste, Multiple Rouge and Eau Radieuse.

With these, Humiecki & Graef continue to explore the field of "emotional perfumery" together with "maverick perfumer" Christophe Laudamiel...
Their creations are said to be,

"Individual fragrance concepts inspired by atypical, emotionally evocative motifs such as madness, melancholy, and fury, translated into select scent. Humiecki & Graef: five singular scents, each a unique artwork" 

Askew " a fragrance about fury" promises to be "the demolition of the classical men's fragrance." Notes or rather "elements" as they prefer to say are: birch tar, Guatemalan cardamom, soft leather, ginger, grapefruit, vetiver, Egyptian mimosa.

Geste is "a fragrance about intensity" and is about "a mature woman in love with a young man." Notes are: soft amber, musky soft violet, soft petal, soft fir resin.

Multiple Rouge is "a fragrance about folly and fun" and captures "devil-may-care madness". Notes are: cinnamon bark, frozen orange, green pineapple, immortelle absolute, Vietnamese cilantro, green violet, peach kernel, ozonic red berries freshness.

Eau Radieuse is "a fragrance about desire" and also "the futuristic remake of an Eau de Cologne." Notes are: green banana, fresh mandarin peel, fresh lemon, Italian fresh mint leaves, rhubarb juice, bamboo sape accord.

To request a list of stockists you can contact mail at or call + 49 61 03 310 46 70.

You can watch a talk offered by perfumer Christophe Laudamiel at MOMA here.

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