Samsung Lavender Cell Phone: It Looks & Feels Like a Perfume Bottle {Fragrant Shopping}

Samsung has launched a neat concept and object, the Lavender Cell Phone that looks like, nay is, a sleek modern perfume bottle (think Givenchy Play or Azzaro Now) and holds a small perfume container complete with spray nozzle...
"The aroma of lavender is a universal symbol of beauty and elegance. The Samsung Lavender is the translation of this beauty into a physical form. Therefore, the design of the Lavender can be enjoyed by anyone, just like the perfume of Lavender."

Samsung has been criticized in the past for pandering to the girly and faulted for thinking cell phones have sexes, encouraging women need to own their own types of cell phones but I think the Lavender cell phone looks and must smell pretty unisex.

Other features include pulsating lights in the dark and battery level-indicator mimicking the level of juice in a perfume bottle.

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