Perfume Coupons & Deals {Shopping Tips}

Shopping-Logo-2.jpgFor Paris and France Travelers: Le Printemps department store, where you can find one of the best offerings of niche and designer perfumes in the French capital city offers a 10 % discount on a selection of luxury, beauty and fashion brands until 12/31/2008 upon presentation of a valid foreign passport. The tax refund* is further applicable on your discounted purchases.

Code is: 18900861. Please click here for further information...


For international visitors residing outside the European Union, living in France for less than 6 months, and with purchases over 175€ bought on the same day in the same store.

• In the US, Blue Bee offers 50% off a selection of usually selectively priced Bond No. 9 fragrances.

You can check our reviews of two of the perfumes on sale: Bryant Park and Fire Island.

Everything Fragrant, as we posted earlier today, has a number of perfume deals and bargains that are worth checking out.

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