Tova Ambre d'Oro (2008) {New Perfume}

TOVA-AMBRE-D'ORO-copy.jpgWill QVC be forgiven by the numerous Tova signature scent fans who have abundantly complained about its cheapened reformulation on this site? This is the question one can ask around the new Ambre d'Oro, Tova's fifth fragrance to date, due to launch in November 2008.

Tova Ambre d'Oro (Gold Amber) is inspired by scents indigenous to Italy and is described as a "modern musky-floral" playing as is usual for Tova the sexy feminine musky card...
According to the press release,

"...the captivating scent of Sicilian Lemon engages the sensual Peony Peregrina accord into a romantic interlude with Asiatic Lily and Plum Blossom.  An irresistible heart of seductive Italian Jasmine, Mimosa, Florentine Iris and Wild Gladiola conjures up a heightened awareness that arouses the senses to a climatic ending captured by Heliotrope, opulent Patchouli, Sandalwood and Amber Musk."

"TOVA Ambre D'Oro embodies the beauty of Italy's indulgent landscape - the romantic ambience, the rich and magnificent art and architecture, the decadent food and notorious wine, radiant flowers and serene canals, this scent captures it all. Envision Tuscany at dusk: the result is TOVA Ambre D'Oro - "golden amber" - a hue so surreal, so seductive, so inviting."

Tova Ambre d'Oro is priced at $36 for a 1.7 oz bottle. It will be available through QVC at 1-800-345-1515 or

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