Agraria Villa Potpourri Boxes: For Architecture & Scent Aficionados {Fragrant Shopping}


Agraria, which is a treasure trove of decorative home fragrance objects each more alluring than the others, has come up with a luxurious collection of wooden pot pourri boxes shaped and detailed in the forms of classical Italian Tuscan villas reminiscent of the Roman antiquity.

They house their signature Bitter Orange Potpourri which is aged for 6 Months ..
There are three sizes and the bigger one is already sold out. Let us hope that it will be back in store in the future.

From the website,

"Inspired by 18th century architectural models and the Villas of Tuscany, Agraria Villa Boxes are perfect homes for our richly fragrant Bitter Orange Potpourri.

Each handcrafted box features classic architectural details and contains an inner gold foil box filled with Bitter Orange Potpourri. The caned roof-tops and cupola windows invite our blend of premium botanicals and essential oils to gently fill the air."

About the large box,

"With a hinged lid covered in our signature woven cane, the large Villa Box is the most elegant way to present the most elegant potpourri in the world. Since 1970, we still hand pack and decorate the top of each box after the blend has been sealed for six-months to marry with the essential oils."

Dimensions: 14.5" W x 10" D x 9.5" H

About the small box,

"With or without the lid, the small villa box is perfect for your bookcase, mantle or side table. The lid is open all the way to the cupola windows to allow the fragrance to slowly diffuse into the air"

Dimensions: 6.5" W x 6.5" D x 6" H

They also offer a collection of scented tassels worth checking out.

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