Bulgari Omnia Green Jade (2008): Green with White Shadows {New Perfume}

Bulgari-Green-Jade.jpgWhen I read that Alberto Morillas had said about the new Bulgari Omnia Green Jade, "I thought of its colours, green with white shadows, of the energy of this millenary gemstone, symbol of the good, the beautiful and the precious,"

I finally thought it might be interesting

I always find Alberto Morillas interesting, but there is interesting and Interesting

I love green jade that offers a milky quality

It reminds me of hunting for the right and rare shades of jade in China

Being told that brown jade is for old ladies

It is such a beautiful color that you want to polish it and polish it again and again

Hoping to express some of its goodness and get to the core of it, perhaps ameliorate it...
But the stone does not need you to beautify it

It remains silent and tranquil as a lake

with just a few passing clouds on its surface

creamy as white amber

Notes are:

Spring Water, Green Mandarin, White Peony, Nasturtium, Pear Tree Flower, Jasmine Petals, Fresh Pistachio, White Woods, Musk.

Available at Sephora

You can read our review of Omnia Crystalline

Another perfume inspired by jade this fall season is Olivier Durbano's Jade

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  1. Spring water? What the ...?

    I didn`t know that there was any other than green jade.

    I will give this a sniff, even though flankers annoy me. I like original Omnia and Crystalline is rather good for what it is.

    • Likewise, and will just add that Crystalline I have categorized in my mind as a perfect fragrance for going to pick up your kids at school, if people see what I mean about the kind of qualities such a perfume would have.

      Chant Wagner

  2. What is spring water doing in a perfume ? Is this a new release of an old perfume diluted with water as if normal sweating is not enough? I dont get it.

  3. I like this. It has character. Not the tiresome nice, safe, "girly" scent that drenches the perfume market these days, and that bores the sugar out of me. It's still not my first choice (I prefer spicy/woody/orientals). Maybe a second choice?


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