Happy Thanksgiving! In Several Images

Freedom From Want by Norman Rockwell

I know we are supposed to go all Norman-Rockwell on each others today and wish one another a happy and warm Thanksgiving like this one, above, eyes twinkling and teeth flashing with joy

But I found these photographs by Maya Elise Joseph-Goteiner as well.  They were also taken on Thanksgiving day and are simply called Thanksgiving, each of them separately

Thanksgiving-Goteiner-CD.jpgI also read yesterday about how Thanksgiving could have been French, just imagine, with coq au vin or lapin à la moutarde instead of turkey or maybe lean feathered turkey with a sad air of having-fought-for-the-job-but-having-been-ultimately-rejected-by-the-director-of-the-Moulin-Rouge-for-their-greatest-gig-ever about them like here,

Nature morte with turkeys on the eve of Thanksgiving in Paris

Happy Thanksgiving to all and everyone!

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