Jo Malone Tasting Kit {Fragrance News}


Jo Malone is inviting you to study Pomegranate Noir cologne in a way this fall, by introducing the Tasting Kit.

Ok, this is not a new fruit-laden lady's liqueur by Jo Malone, so don't drink it just yet!

Do you remember that scene in Gone With The Wind where Scarlett O'Hara cunningly (ahem) guzzles down a partial bottle of Eau de Cologne to cover her unladylike whiskey breath? A nice idea that has not yet been marketed in this day and age because thanks to social progress you can still be perceived as being a lady while wafting of Johnnie Walker, so this is not it...

What the kit does is offer you the possibility of isolating some of the facets of the scent, namely: Raspberry, Casablanca Lily, Guaiacwood, notes that have been pulled out of the composition so to speak and are offered in 9 ml flacons to accompany the main bottle of Pomegranate Noir (30 ml). Once you smell one of the single-note perfumes, of course you will be able to smell it in the main composition much more clearly. At the same time, Jo Malone is reaffirming their layering credo by having designed those companion-scents as not just to be smelled but to be worn in multiple combinations.

If I get more information about this kit, such as its price, for example, I will update this post.

Interesting concept, no?

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