Prince Sued for Not Participating in Promotion of 3121 {The 5th Sense in the News}

With the glut of celebrity fragrances in the market, launching a new scent in that category can feel like playing with the lottery or taking that opportunity just to garner publicity on the pretext of a new bottle of exquisiteness. You create an event and people talk about it and it is all good, even if, secondary concern, the juice suckeths big time.

Who cares about the quality of the contents as long as it is a good brand-name carrier, a question some innocent people might still ask?...
The problem with Prince, who is now being sued by the fragrance company responsible for his perfume 3121, Revelations Perfume & Cosmetic Inc., is that he allegedly did not participate in the usual promotional efforts. Nobody is dreaming of suing anyone for putting out a mediocre, oft-copied juice, but one might feel disturbed if advertising efforts were not up to par and did not perform their life-saving function for a particularly populated category of smellies where image is even more inseparable from the fragrance than in non-personality derived juices.

Prince was apparently and atypically so less than enthusiastic about selling 3121, the perfume, and now comes the backlash,

"Fragrance manufacturer Revelations is suing the Purple Rain icon for breach of contract, claiming the singer refused to commit to promotional activities to which he and his label Universal Music Publishing Group had agreed.
In a suit filed at New York's Supreme Court, Revelations reportedly signed a deal with the music label that would see them receive 50 per cent of the profits of the perfume's sales in exchange for arranging for the star to take part in promotional campaigns."


This lawsuit might just be the second best and desperate advertising effort RPC might get out of their client's name.

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