Bain de Nuit Eau de Parfum (2008) {New Perfume}

Bain-de-Nuit-Parfum.jpgBain de Nuit (Night Bath) is a French women's fashion brand specializing in glitzy evening wear (long and short, including pant suits) as well as more recently, wedding gowns. The dream of Chantal Temam its founder who created the label in 1998 was to propose an haute-couture feel to her clients at ready-wear prices. The glamor of the label is expressed through the use of luxurious materials such as silk and satin further glamed-up by costume pearl, rhinestone, and stone embroideries, her trademark signature embellishments. Her creations are ultre-feminine, vaporous, sleek, with a Las Vegas and Dallas-series feel to them, in other words from my point of view, a big dollop of American sense of show.

It is no happenstance therefore if many celebrities queue up to dress at Bain de Nuit, a brand that makes me think of Ed Hardy for its similar reliance on celebrity culture and the development of a sense of style that does not shy away from the limelight, and in fact craves it. According to the press release, the likes of Karen Cheryl, Victoria Abril, Ophélie Winter, Olivia Ruiz love to slip on a Bain-de-Nuit number...

In May of 2008, the brand launched its debut perfume simply called Bain de Nuit Eau de Parfum.The scent was released to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the brand.

Like its dresses, the perfume is feminine, coming across as a powdery composition underlined by soft muliebrile woods from what I can tell from an initial take from the flacon. It  aims to be both "sensual and timeless," and is described as an oriental perfume "...based on a powdery accord of rose and iris resting on a silken base of black musk, amber, patchouli and sandalwood."

The perfume is sold via the Bain de Nuit boutiques.

Via Bain de Nuit press release

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