Parfums Grès Mythos, Sphinx, Goddess: Hommage a Greta Garbo (2009) {New Perfumes} {Celebrity Fragrances}

Greta Garbo in 1934 © Time, Inc.

A year after the release of Hommage à Marlene Dietrich, Parfums Grès is preparing to launch a new trio of scents dedicated this time to Greta Garbo called Hommage à Greta Garbo which will launch in the spring of 2009. Like Marlene Dietrich, Garbo was one of the famous customers of couturière Madame Grès.

The set comprises Mythos, Sphinx, Goddess in reference to the particular charisma that exuded from the star whom people could not wait to see laugh at long last in what must have been the most self-conscious laugh in history in Ninotchka (1939). And she did, beautifully so, and a bit strangely at the same time,

"With her classic beauty, her noble aura and an occasional playful wink of the eye, she (Greta Garbo) fascinated both men and women. The fact that she loved being alone and hated the media frenzy enhanced her appeal to the public. In the course of her 19-year film career in which she made 27 films, she gave only 14 interviews. She was referred to as „the Goddess" or the „Swedish Sphinx". In contrast to other Hollywood stars she never gave an autograph, never attended the premieres of her films and never answered fan mail. In spite of this, she had a powerful effect on her times and the fashion of her day. The way she wore her make-up, styled her hair and dressed greatly influenced the trends of the Thirties." ...


Mythos was created by Amandine Marie and Sphinx and Goddess were composed by Marie Salamagne.

From the press release,

"Mythos - Hommage à Greta Garbo is a floral fruity perfume that interprets elegance in a
new and youthful way, for fruity notes are especially popular with younger women. The head note tantalizes with the scents of apples, oranges, black currants and pineapple. The classic, elegant floral accents unfold in the heart note - rose, freesia and peony - typical ingredients found in sophisticated French perfumes. Subtle sensuousness permeates the whole fragrance composition through the delicate base note of musk, sandalwood and iris. 
Sphinx - Hommage à Greta Garbo is a delicate fresh-floral perfume. The essences of exotic blossoms blend in a refined manner with woody and fruity fragrances. First the delicate scents of litchi, peach and Yuzu (a precious citrus fruit from Asia) captivate the senses. After a few minutes the exhilarating heart note of lotus blossoms, rose petals and white peony unfolds, then merges perfectly with the discreetly disarming base notes of cedar, musk and patchouli. 
Goddess - Hommage à Greta Garbo is a floral-oriental perfume, a fragrance that expresses the elegant sensuousness of the great artist. 

In Goddess the most beautifully eroticizing fragrance essences delicately cast their spell: The head note mesmerises with plum, mandarin orange and cardamom. In the heart note, a voluptuous cocktail of cinnamon, heliotrope and jasmine unfolds. The base note beguiles with sandalwood, moss, vanilla and ambergris, merging wonderfully with the skin. The bottle and packaging were designed by the Parisian design studio Aesthete.  
The three fragrances of the Parfums Grès Collection "Hommage à Greta Garbo" will be offered as Eau de Parfum in 60 ml bottles, each at a price of CHF 89.00 or Euro 59.00.

Available as of Spring 2009 at selected perfumeries."   

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  1. how can we in the US purchase these perfumes, can we get them on-line or where are the stores we get them - in New York City, if any.


    • To be honest, I don't even know where one could purchase them in France. I would need to inquire. It is so strange. Sometimes, perfumes are so poorly distributed you just wonder why they even bothered launching them.

      I'll ask.

      Chant Wagner

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