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The CPC Packaging magazine have two features on perfume and beauty packaging explaining why these stood out from the hundreds of new launches in 2008. They look for innovation, however discreet, and technical challenges overcome by the design team rather than pure aesthetic beauty (cf. for example the 3121 packaging for Prince's scent).

Here's their commentary on the 2008 Fifi Awards for perfume packaging,

"Great minds think alike" is a saying that often rings true when it comes to fragrance package design. Looking at the past year's fragrance launches, it seems that some marketers were inspired by the same trends. However, each trend was interpreted uniquely for each fragrance bottle."...

Next, they offer explanations of their Editors' Choice Awards for 2008 and details about the selection process while enlisting professionals outside of their editorial basically abound in the same sentiments,

"Our editors are always on the lookout for the next great beauty package. Each year, we review hundreds of product launches from the previous year to determine which, in the editors' opinion, have the most impressive packaging. We chose 17 of these to honor in our Editors' Choice Awards program in five categories: cosmetics, fragrance, personal care, sampling/promotion, and, finally, sustainable packaging."


Just a note on the photo bottle for Clinique: I received a sample for review last year that I was never able to review because I could not decide whether the job had been blotched - (the picture was askew, smaller than expected, and there were visible fingerprints all over the bottle looking like the footsteps on Harry Potter's magical map - or if there were serious technical issues (it was a rush job as I did not have to wait the requisite amount of time, but still). The result was not as appealing as on the advertising, that is my one certainty.

Great idea though, especially for the US market where family pictures and ways of framing them are a big commodity.

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