What Are The Best & Cheapest Online Discount Perfume Stores? {Ask Marie-Helene} {Shopping Tips - Coupons & Deals}

I received another general-interest question about where to shop for both authentic and heavily-discounted perfumes. Here is my selection of some of the best and cheapest perfume stores on the internet.

Please do not hesitate to chime in!

"Scented Salamander:
I found your blog last night and it's really helping me with various choices. It's a great site.
My question is this:
With all of the online sites to buy from a novice like me is at a loss as to who to buy from as the horror stories of knockoff sites abound.
Price is a primary consideration as I'm just one of the common folk. The site I've found to have the best prices is Scentiments.com and since it's been in business for about ten years I thought I might try it.
My question to you is should I? Or is there a better site to buy from?
Thanks for your time and I'll be waiting your reply.
Ray Bayer"...

Dear Ray,

No problem. scentiments.com is a very good choice. I have bought from them several times. Their prices are low, their shipping is fast and their products are authentic and fresh. Current deal: Free shipping on all orders over $75 until Dec 10, 2008.

Other perfume discount sites with particularly competitive pricing that I can recommend are:

- scentedmonkey.com: They already propose low prices and promise that they will match any price on the net. I have not had any issues with them in the past. Currently: 10% discount with $1 shipping.

- parfum1.com: low prices, good selection, authentic and fresh products. Sometimes even rare niche brands pop up. They currently have a great code: 25% off every order. Free shipping on orders over $100. Ends December 7th, 2008: PERFUME25PE

- parfumsraffy.com: many good bargains to be found, good selection and a mix of design and niche perfumes.

Hope that helps!


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