Annick Goutal Un Matin d'Orage (2009): More Information {New Perfume}



Further news and pictures have now become available regarding the upcoming Un Matin d'Orage by Annick Goutal (A Morning After The Thunderstorm) to be launched in February 2009. As we wrote earlier on the new composition by Isabelle Doyen and Camille Goutal centers on the evocation of the scents of a luxuriant Japanese garden after a shower.

Un Matin d'Orage recreates the perception of a gardenia chiaroscuro whose play with light and shadow takes place in a vapor-filled atmosphere,

"Everything is peaceful. In these intangible veils, the bamboos further refine the lines of their shoots, the cherry trees stretch out their branches.

Near the patches of oakmoss, a penetrating scent lingers on in the air. The gardenia reigns majestically in the play of light with shadows. Delicate drops form on the buds; the white flowers sheltered by the emerald-green foliage catch the light on their rounded milky petals. A breeze carries away with it the scent of gardenia enshrouding the garden with its
delicate sensuality (our translation)."...

The perfume features a main accord of white gardenia in situ. "Fragile and pure, it does not immediately reveal its voluptuous character." (This reminds me of Chanel Beige.)

The gardenia flower accord is said to borrow its hesperidic facet from Sicilian lemon and its green crunchy character from shiso leaves. The fresh and peppery notes of ginger add their effect to sustain the initial sparkling impression.

Then slowly the perfume develops a round and sensual character resting on a delicate and soft magnolia heart. Mysore jasmine sambac and champaca from Indonesia add their carnal notes to the main gardenia accord for an opulent white floral effect.

Annick Goutal launched a gardenia composition in 1989 called Gardénia Passion. It also alluded to a garden after a spring shower. But now the inspiration is Japanese.

It is always interesting to see a creator go back to a familiar theme approaching it with a different perspective. With the rapid technological progresses of perfumery, Un Matin will be different from the way in which a perfumer could think of doing a gardenia scent twenty years ago.

Apart from the ancillary products already listed in our previous post, the line will also include a 10 ml roll-on for 20 € for the perfumistas on a shoestring.

Boutiques Annick Goutal:

14,rue de Castiglione - 75001 paris - 01 42 60 52 82
3, bis rue des rosiers - 75004 paris - 01 48 87 80 11
12, place saint sulpice - 75006 paris - 01 46 33 03 15
16, rue de bellechasse - 75007 paris - 01 45 51 36 13
74, avenue des Champs elysées - 75008 paris - 01 45 63 33 38
140, avenue Victor Hugo - 75116 paris - 01 45 53 22 61
93, rue de Courcelles - 75018 paris - 01 46 22 00 11
1, rue de paradis - 13000 marseille - 04 91 90 36 77
12, rue des Hallebardes - 67000 strasbourg - 03 88 22 54 67
80, rue du psdt edouard Herriot - 69002 Lyon - 04 78 42 07 97
52, avenue Louise - 1050 bruxelles - +32 25 14 56 64
20, motcomb street - sW1X8Lb London - +44 207 823 21 76
109, mount street - W1K2tj London - +44 207 629 89 02

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  1. So happy to hear more information about this upcoming release, and the imagery they're going with should be a definite hit -- perfect for clearing away the Northern winter blahs.

    Nathan Branch

    • Yes, I agree that reading that description makes you want to skip the winter! Although let's not be too hasty :) Mmmm, let's think spices, incense, furry amber...

      Chant Wagner

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