A Guy's Guide to Perfume Shopping {Fragrant Reading}

Ha, ha, ha! Laughter guaranteed with this article by Dan H. Woods about an imagined parallelism between perfume-shopping and paint-shopping. He asks the "what-if" question. What if the paint SA behaved with you, the guy, like the perfume SA usually behaves with your wife?...

"As far as I know, my wife has never actually bought any perfume this way.  Strangely, the perfume-women don't seem to mind.  I suspect the whole perfume selection ritual is a charade to mask the passing of vital underground information through the wrist-rubbing code, like: "Long live the revolution!  The next meeting is at Marge's house.  Bring a dish to pass."
Admittedly, it's a baffling process.  Imagine if guys used this same method to buy paint:"


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