Christian Lacroix Absynthe (2009): Let The Mystery Unfolds {Perfume Images & Adverts}

The absinthe drink has retained an aura of things forbidden and dangerous even while it has been made legally possible to consume it anew today. While all alcoholic beverages can be candidates to mystical ascents as sung by poets like Omar Khayyam for wine, absinthe continues to hypnotize slightly more thanks to its sulfurous bohemian history and its precious emerald-green color which promises depth of experience.

Fashion designer Christian Lacroix has interpreted the color of absinthe for his Absynthe upon Avon more in the direction of Chartreuse green judging from the visuals. He was, like all of us, attracted by its mystery saying,

"Absynthe, a mysteriously mesmerizing 19th century potion known as the green fairy, is still one of the world's most seductive mysteries. Irresistibly inviting, dangerously captivating - a great inspiration to my fashion and newest fragrance."...


As said previously in our post The Green Faerie Is Back, absinthe was an inspiration for a Lacroix chiffon dress seen on runways. Now it is featured in the ads with the tag line "Let the mystery unfolds" as meters and meters of vaporous silk, as light as absinthe fumes, unwinds in the air half-textile, half-fluid behind the wearer.

Here is a TV commercial for Absynthe for the Slovak Republic. The model's name is Vlada apparently.

The 1.7 oz bottle is now available for $32.

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(Pics from a forum, but can't find the link anymore.)

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  1. It smells so good :)


    • Am looking forward to discovering it. Have a bottle on its way. I love the mystique and smell of absinthe in general :)

      Chant Wagner
  2. I'm employed at an Avon Store and have already purchased a bottle! It smells so good :)

  3. Oh my gosh, This is the best perfume ever!! I love its unique and wonderful smell! I also like rouge! Very, very good perfume!!!


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