Etro Pegaso (2009): Impression of an Italian Garden {New Perfume}

Etro-Pegaso.jpgEtro launched its 22th fragrance called Pegaso (Pegasus) in the beginning of this year. It is described as a floral bouquet with "an abundance of orris".  The composition is inspired by the representation of an Italian garden as described in the epic poem of the Ariost...
...and takes its name after both the mythical animal staged in the love story of Orlando and Angelica in the same said poem, as well as the logo of the brand.

The perfume comes out at the same time that a photography book curated by Kean Etro entitled Flower Power is introduced.

Pegaso features notes of bergamot, neroli, cedar wood, basilic, benzoin, cistus, pepper, iris.

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