Annika Sorenstam Annika (2009): Sneak Peek for Golf Fans {New Fragrance} {Celebrity Perfume}

Golf champion and sportswoman Annika Sorenstam has now introduced her signature fragrance simply called Annika, available from (see earlier announcement for more "historic" details and read about her wine project as well). About the perfume,

"Marking the first time a professional female golfer has launched a signature fragrance, ANNIKA by Annika Sorenstam will particularly appeal to golf enthusiasts, career-minded professionals and active, fashion-forward women.  Like Annika, the fragrance will be casually elegant and unpretentious."... 

annika-Sorenstam-3.jpgAnnika is reportedly composed with "rich aromas of ambers, white flowers, and fresh citrus."

Fans can meet Annika Sorenstam and get a sneak peek of the fragrance,

"Legendary golfer Annika Sorenstam will give fans a preview of her signature fragrance, ANNIKA by Annika Sorenstam, during the PGA TOUR's World Golf Championships-CA Championship.  Set to be released in advance of Mother's Day 2009, the fragrance will evoke the essence of Annika, a distinctive, casually elegant and naturally beautiful woman.

The appearance will be Saturday, March 14, 2009 from 11a.m.-12:45p.m. in the upper level of the Pro Shop at Doral Golf Resort & Spa, a Marriott Resort.  Annika will be signing autographs and handing out samples of her new perfume, ANNIKA by Annika Sorenstam.  A clubhouse or VIP ticket is required to enter the Pro Shop. "

(Via press release)

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  1. I am generally quite anti-celebrity fragrances. (Using celebrity as a marketing tool for something so incredibly personal as fragrance just seems so sad). I believe niche fragrance houses are the ones who really respect the "essence" of wearing perfume.

    However. From a marketing viewpoint, I think an Annika fragrance is genius. There's a huge, generally untapped demographic for this celeb.

    I live in Miami and wish that I was going to be in town this weekend to meet her. (I don't like celeb fragrances...but I love golf!!!) too too bad.

  2. Oops, sorry, I missed your comment for some reason.

    As you can see, I have no issues with celebrity fragrances on this blog :) I think it's a sort of sociological phenomenon that it is interesting to record and observe. I don't know where it leads us, but it is there.

    I agree in general with your statement about niche perfume houses, but only in general and up to a point. In reality there are a number of very good and creative fragrances in the mainstream market as well. Niche perfumers have studied the classics that were released in the mainstream market, perhaps at a time, granted, when perfume brands operated more like today's niche perfumeries. I think it's a complex and evolving topic and I would tend to privilege a case-by-case approach personally although I think some generalizations are possible.


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