Axe Dark Temptation (2008): Mmmm, Do You See What I See? {New Perfume}

This must be our first entry of an Axe fragrance in the new-perfumes category although we have covered them before as part of the teenage-scents body-spray phenomenon and due to their creative ads (and also meant to review a couple of those).

This time Axe is taking a slightly different route to seduce men into wearing a fragrance that will be a chick-magnet, and interestingly for this type of very conservative, boyish scents, it is taking the path of the gourmand fragrance, and a muy caliente one at that. Called Dark Temptation the new scent is advertised with the tag line " irresistible as chocolate."

"AXE Dark Temptation is the new fragrance by AXE inspired by what women love most...chocolate.

"AXE Dark Temptation combines the subtle aroma of chocolate with fresh gourmet scents, including hot chocolate amber and red peppercorn, to bring modern sophistication to this distinctive fragrance.

So go ahead, try New AXE Dark Temptation and become as irresistible as chocolate!"...

The TV commercial supporting the launch of the fragrance is called Axe Chocolate Man,

The brand has set up a micro website for Dark Temptation with e-cards, downloads, dating tips...A heart-shaped box of chocolates opens with numbered chocolates: 1 - Take shower 2 - Spray Axe Dark Temptation 3 - Never disagree with your girl 4 - Reap the benefits.

The gossip column at the NY Daily News reports that the Axe people sent Brad Pitt a replacement statue for the Oscar he did not get for Best Actor this year. It is a 10 pounds trophy sculptured in the likeness of Pitt, with the message:
"We still feel your performance deserves a statue," the company said, "one that's a bit sweeter."

Well, if you smell a trail of chocolate-scented men on the street, you will know it is not necessarily coming from wind blowing back from the Hershey's factory.

Blame it on my pop-culture mind but I can't help but see a confluence of symbols with the election of Obama, his sexed up image in the media, and the black-and-white relationship in American culture, especially since in the ad only Caucasian girls are running after Chocolate Man.    


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  1. I've been using this deospray for months now! The best.

    • Ah, thanks I thought it had come out more recently. Will double-check.

      Congrats on your new fave!

      Chant Wagner
  2. This has been out in the UK and other markets since early 2008, but I think it's new to US this year.

    Grant Osborne

    • Ah, good to know, thanks! I'm tempted to try it for my part and am imagining something like Amour de Cacao with maybe some fougère accord in the mix...hope it's good!

      Chant Wagner
  3. Saw this a few days ago in the Px. Smelled it and liked it without seeing the commercials. It smelled different from what my co-worker was wearing so I am giving it a whirl. Hey, I like chocolate too!

    Being an African-American male I was wondering if the product was "targeted" at me.

    I will have to see what my wife thinks. She is African-American too.


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