The Sexy in Men's Fragrances: A Spontaneous List of 11 Best & Hottest Men's Colognes - Part 2 {The Fragrance List}


A Spontaneous List of 11 Best & Hottest Men's Colognes

A reader asks,

"Hi, I just want to know what are the sexiest and most attractive fragrances for men, thank you"

Life's a paradox. After coming up with my spontaneous list of sexiest men's fragrances (for me) in 10 minutes, it took me several days to be able to give it back my full attention. Meanwhile, I wrote about why my list was not ready for publication yet some ideas around why a man needs a woman to help him choose those sexy scents in Part 1.

I toyed with the idea of adding a couple of perfumes, but decided to stick to the original list after re-smelling Jules by Dior, which seems to have lost that character. And If I did not think about it immediately, I suppose it means that it did not leave such a mark on my psyche.

So, here is my blitz list composed off the top of my head. If I happen on other particularly sexy scents for men, I will make sure to add a part 3, part 4 etc...

Different Kinds of Sexy

kenzo-jungle-homme.jpg Plain Sexy: Kenzo Jungle pour Homme. I don't know exactly how it manages to do that - and I don't really want to know - but it's a scent that readily plants a masculine atmosphere of woods and a sensual aura of virility. Not all woods are very masculine, you realize, some just smell like the timber with which lumberjacks are associated with.

With Kenzo Jungle pour Homme, there is like a masculine holographic presence materializing by your side - the palpable ghost of a man. It smells like a "boyfriend's tee-shirt."

eau-d-Hermes.jpg Sexy-Sweaty (Sexy-Hot): Eau d'Hermès. The scent of a brothel, sold by a chic house so it's okay, and your good taste and good morality won't be questioned. I still can't believe my nose that such an indecent perfume is available on the market and not even safely tucked away in a niche perfumery brand. As soon as you wear it, you will feel as if all your clothes had fallen on your feet and you are tripping on rumpled bedsheets; the key note of cumin gives it a very frank sweaty and naughty vibe...


Sexy-Elegant: Le 3ème Homme by Caron. Suave, smooth, worldly, polished, with a hint of the floralcy in Fleurs de Rocaille. A sensual barbershop scent. An elegant, subtle balance between social polish and intimacy that seems to hold many promises of a happy, balanced life.

Terre-d-Hermes.jpg Sexy-Cool: Terre d'Hermès. Elegant, collected, a bit primitive (a mineral flint note), sensual. This man is wearing a sleek suit and is urbane, yet "skin" is his middle name.

Hermes-Rocabar.jpg Sexy-Macho: Rocabar by Hermès. Inspired by a vision of a Russian forest, it conveys well that allusion to a tough, earthy brand of masculinity. Not a metrosexual scent.

cartier-declaration.jpg Sexy-Gourmand: Déclaration by Cartier. Convivial, exotic, gourmet and creamy. For the man who wants to seduce a woman who thinks food and travelling are sexy. Originally inspired by the idea of a Russian tea, it really smells more to my nose of Indian chai maybe drank while gazing at a line of Russian silvery poplars on the horizon, in Kashmir.

Yves-Saint-Laurent-M7-FRESH.JPG Sexy-Fresh: M7 Fresh by YSL. You just want a man to smell of these balanced qualities.

kenzo-pour-homme-fresh.jpg Sexy-Fresh, 2: Kenzo pour un Homme Fresh: fresh, yummy, and just all-around appealing.


Sexy-Citrus: Chanel Allure Sport: it just smells great. Will seduce women who like the smell of just-showered men.

jardin-clos.jpg Sexy-Gentlemanly-Clubby: Jardin Clos by Diptyque: the faint scent of cigarette on a woolen coat after a visit to the gentleman's club, thanks to the smoky side of hyacinths. Intriguing, rare, different, subdued. A subtle forerunner to Jasmin et Cigarette. Bound to impress a more intellectual type of woman.


Sexy-Warm: Ambre Sultan by Serge Lutens: Brut de Fabergé transferred, metaphorically, to the world of ambers and niche perfumery: a great brutalist amber for men, which smells even more "troublant" on a men's skin, than on a woman's. The composition then becomes simpler and drier.

Photo credit: myplaidpants

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  1. really enjoy reading this and totally agree on the 3 hermes, i own all of them


    • Thanks!

      I see that you are a connoisseur ;-)

      Chant Wagner
  2. You are a connoisseur, absolument!

    so I am surprised to see no Guerlain or Bond No. 9 (my newest love).

    There is nothing in fragrance like Bond's New Haarlem...

    and I got to smell their newest, Brooklyn, over the weekend, and it is perfection. Really complex - a contender for Fresh-Sexy, for sure...!


    • Thank you for your trust :)

      Well, this list is sincere and as I said I didn't want to have to think too hard about it as I wanted it to be the reptilian brain's answer. So it is partly a social game, don't forget! I did ask myself if there weren't any Guerlain I should include in there. I think that L'Instant pour Homme is a great men's fragrance that left me with a warm souvenir of it, but I couldn't remember if I found it sexy, so I left it aside. L'Instant pour Femme I definitely think has that core inner simplicity and is sexy-soft-and-feminine. But curiously, although Guerlain has remarkable fragrances, I don't know if I think first and foremost about them as being "sexy". Perhaps I should devote a separate article to defining "Sexy" at Guerlain through the ages! Obviously our conceptions about what sexy means has been shaped in part by the history of fragrances and in part by other societal influences. It would be necessary, for example, for me to distinguish the perfumes that were inspired by personal experiences as a triggering point versus the ones that attempted to capture the Zeitgeist.

      Regarding Bond No. 9, I did not experience that sexy vibe, in the past at least, with New Haarlem. I am personally partial to Ava Luxe Café Noir which I find very satisfying and very true a coffee fragrance, and I would even say that it is atmospheric and perhaps even sexy in fact (need to revisit). Actually, you are giving me another idea: I should ask perfumers what they think their sexiest fragrance is! And Brooklyn I have had for a while to sample but I haven't sat down yet to test it properly, but I will and can offer a review. I could then explain better to you why it falls in or out of the sexy category for me!

      Chant Wagner
  3. Quick question about Kenzo Jungle... I tested it in a duty free store a few weeks ago and loved the scent. I went home and looked online to purchase it. I got a bottle that is new and in the box, BUT it the older box, and I believe a different scent. Is it possible that they altered the scent but kept the same name, or am I just going crazy? Thanks.


    • Yes, absolutely, it is possible. Fragrances are reviewed every few years to adapt to legislation on raw ingredients. Of course, perfumers try to keep formulations as stable as possible, but sometimes it cannot be done. The result can be perplexing or angering to old users :)

      It would be good to have an indication that there was a change but it is not accepted practice in the world of perfumes where there is a tendency to think of fragrance as an object of eternal beauty :)

      Chant Wagner
  4. This is definitely an impressive compilation.
    Constantly in contact with many people, of both sexes, working in the sales and marketing world, wearing fragrances that suit the event and participants at hand to help draw them in (or refrain from pushing them away) has led me to try very many scents over the years. Of those that have served me well, gotten repeated compliments from colleagues and client of the opposite sex and had women "just stopping by my office for a breath of fresh air" I feel that (while I may be dating myself) the following deserve honorable mention too:
    1-  Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche
    2-  Tuscany by Aramis (if only Tuscany Forte was still available...)
    3-  Cool Water by Davidoff
    4-  Trusardi by Trusardi
    5-  Obsession by Calvin Klein
    6-  Tsar by Van Cleef & Arpels
    7-  Presence by Mont Blanc
    8-  Azzaro by Azzaro
    9-  Eryo by Yves Rocher
    10- Euphoria by Calvin Klein

    • Thanks for your suggestions, I love lists!

      Chant Wagner

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