Christian Dior Escale a Pondichery (2009) {New Perfume}

Pondichery by r.gallart

Christian Dior is launching today in India its latest addition to its summery cruise-themed collection which was inaugurated last year with Escale à Portofino. In 2009, the new eau de cologne with a twist (the general idea of the collection) is called Escale à Pondichéry, named after an ex-French colony in India...

It is the first Dior perfume launch taking place in the sub-continent. Reportedly the celebration will last 3 days involving a festive study of Indian perfumes and including 40 journalists invited from around the world.

Coincidentally or not, maybe for good luck, or not, the event takes place at a hotel resort called Dune as if in reference to another spectacular perfume launch from the house of Dior that has marked the annals, that of Dune.

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